New Friends!

The new secretary, Amy,  helped me get my mailer out yesterday so I wanted to take her to lunch.  She is sort of a peculiar bird.  She never really makes eye contact.  I know I can come on a little strong, so my astute people skills told me to be gentle (it’s a joke friends, I realize I have no people skills).  She said, “she didn’t have a car”, so offered to drive.  “She didn’t have any money”, I offered to pay.  Finally my winning personality and smile broke her down and off we went to Rosie’s for Mexican. 

 Rosie’s is a little dive by the office that I love to frequent.  The workers at Rosie’s wait for me to come in with baited breath.  I test the interpretation skills of the waitresses with my killer conjugating verb routine.  I always walk away so proud of my lame attempts but, I swear I hear them in the kitchen giggling something in Spanish. 

Back to Amy, we go to lunch.  Turns out she is married.  No kids no pets (no dogs?).  Husband works in the machine shop downtown.  They carpool because they only have one car.  I told her, “I would shoot myself without my own wheels.  I have got to have my freedom”.  I like to sit up high, too.  I like rule over all the other cars.  Drivers be afraid …very afraid!  First and foremost, the car has to have a good turning radius just in case I am driving the wrong way down the aisle in the mall parking lot.  I like to get the good parking spots! 

Now, I’m usually pretty good about getting people to talk but, with her it was like pulling teeth. I earned every calorie I snarffed down. Lunch was over and back to the office. I noticed in the car she has a bruise on the back of her upper arm. Funny place for a bruise I kidded her. She said, she “hit it on a chair”.…huh?…strange. I don’t think she gets out much or has many friends. I am going to connect with her. She would just love this new happiness I found.

Note to self….connect with Amy in attempt to explain to her about my new joy.  She seems so sad inside.  Who else can I tell?  Jake comes home Friday!


2 responses to “New Friends!

  1. Sam, be VERY CAREFUL about proceeding into finding out more about Amy’s private life. She is hiding something, I bet, and has some low self esteem issues. Build her up, encourage her, learn how to make her laugh, and then teach her how to give her burdens to the One who is in control of our lives; Jesus! Most of all, just love her thru whatever she’s going thru!

  2. So glad to hear that it wasn’t just a fleeting happiness you experienced and that you’re anxious to pass this on to others.

    And just in case you wondered if you were inspiring anyone, you are. I was at church on Tuesday for my daughter’s confirmation. One of the Bible readings was familiar to me. (Which is funny because in spite of being a lifelong Catholic, I have never really read the Bible.) So I’m sitting at mass trying not to lose focus and my heart sort of leaps because I KNOW this reading. Why? Because I read it on your blog.

    1 Corinthians 9:23-27

    I took that as some kind of sign not to give up.

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