More Jesus…Less Religion

My friend, Angie, said something in her post that really made me think. She reported that people say, they are “losing their religion” , as if in a desperate plea to hang on to it. I thought religion was man made? Shouldn’t we want to get rid of it or “lose our religion” and just follow Jesus? I have seen “religious” people hurt God’s children, all done in the name of Jesus. For example, the way my friends Jenn and Mary have been treated by “religious” people. I have seen, so called religious people, wearing robes, parade around on Sunday as some sort of holy movie stars yet on Monday act no different than the worst of us. It appears to me, as only a spiritual walker, that religion pushes people away from Jesus. It’s as if church people build walls around Jesus and make it difficult for the world to see his love.

How many of them leave their sterile environment go out into the world to harvest crops for Jesus?

Religion doesn’t look anything like the love of Christ or grace. It’s almost like religious people … people….. are in love with the religion and what that symbolizes to the world rather than following Jesus. If they were following Jesus, shouldn’t we see more joy? More of the gifts of the Holy Spirit?

Oh,….I think I understand. As I’m writing this to you my thoughts are becoming clearer and I’m sitting here broken hearted. I just realized they are using their position, title, and place in the religious environment to fill a void in their life. Just like I did, but the only thing that can fill that void is following Jesus. Not following man made religious businesses. It makes me sad. I know what they are going through. I feel their pain. It is so hard to learn that lesson.

I will pray for them. We should all pray for the religious people we know to have more Jesus and less religion in their lives.

Man is a Religious Animal. He is the only Religious Animal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion—several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat if his theology isn’t straight. –Mark Twain

What has God showed you this week?


3 responses to “More Jesus…Less Religion

  1. I wanted to thank you for commenting on my The Cracker Lady’s House Blog. I appreciate you comments.

    Jesus was always combating religion during his ministry. The problem with religion is we begin to worship religion in the name of God, instead of coming into relationship with God through Jesus name. The church is the body of Christ. And just like our body has a relationship with our head or we cease to be; we as His body must not lose relationship with our Head. To do so is to become a Headless body, which is both grotesque and dead. When this happens we think all there is the Church and its standards. I believe it is Gods will to stay attached to His body, even in its unperfected state, but He also longs for his body to be whole, clean and in communication with Him. Only He knows how to bring His body to perfection in Him. Although it looks quite hopeless at times His grace is sufficient to save, heal, and deliver us even from our dead selves. Praise God!

  2. I DO want to lose my religion, if you read more of my posts, then you already know that. I love that Jesus would not conform, but only did what the father told him to. JESUS is my religion….and he can’t be lost ! Yipee.

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