It is official…

Its official….. I am now a member of Smart Girl Politics. I was pushed off the bleachers and into the race. I was reading the Economic study of the Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade Bill and became furious. It is reported by a recent study the impact of the bill on the economy by year 2035 will be… • Gasoline prices will rise 58 percent. Gas prices are expected to increase in the future even without cap and trade. Waxman-Markey would add an additional $1.38 to that increase. • Natural gas prices will rise 55% • Heating oil prices will rise 56%; • Electricity prices will rise 90%; • A family of four can expect per-year energy costs to rise $1,241; • Aggregate GDP losses will be $9.4 trillion; in other words, we will be $9.4 trillion poorer with cap and trade than without. • The government will collect $5.7 in energy tax revenue. • Job losses will be nearly 2.5 million • The national debt will raise an additional $5 trillion. Update: Cap and Trade has been passed by the House and now heads to the Senate. Voting is expected to take place Sept. 28th. So there is time to make your voice head. Tell you Senators to vote NO to cap and trade.

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