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How clean are we really?

A friend posted something on her blog that has made me start to think…….

She talks this week about Jesus, a toaster, and a magic eraser. Check it out…FreetoDance  What is the magic eraser Jesus is using in your life? I’m thinking when he uses it …it has to hurt. I hate pain. Does he know that about me?

She found me awhile ago and I have been watching her blog ever since. What caught my attention is she reveals she is a domestic violence survivor. It has been something I have been thinking a lot about since I met Amy. I have emailed “freetodance” and discussed abuse. What does it look like? How does it happen? She has been a big help.

You and I have talked about my friend Amy and some think she may be abused. I don’t see how because her husband is a Christian. He prays and everything. He has even started volunteering at the church. What I do know is that I need to gather more information before I talk to her.

But, here is what I don’t understand… How could someone live through something like that and still love God? How could you think there even was a God?

Splish splash taking a bath.

Oh, my gosh…I forgot to tell you the other day about our week-end. We had tons of people over from Jake’s work. Jake is a regional manager for a popular hardware chain so he invited people who were without family for the week-end to come over. It was mostly men.

Amy and Richard also came over to help out. I was in charge of grilling the burgers and hot dogs. I lost count after 100! It was good for Jake to get to know some of the team better. Amy and I cooked, cooked, cooked and cooked. I spent the week preparing for Friday. They brought their swim suits or just swam in shorts! Picture this….grow men jumping off the roof into the pool. I am sure the neighbors are still talking about the couple that moved in next door (us)!

I would not have been able to do it all without Amy. I worry about her though. I think she needs to see a doctor for her moods. She seemed really distant this week-end. I don’t think Richard is abusing her. He is such a religious man. I just don’t see that could be. How could someone who prays to God and wears a cross beat a woman? Just doesn’t fit. It must be her. I think I am going to find the time to sit down and talk to her.

Question: Are you still reading the book of John? I am.

You Don’t Have To Be Rich to Feed the World

Amy, Richard, Jake and I went out on Saturday to feed people along the rail road tracks in downtown Phoenix. It was 105 degrees and the heat just lingered over the hot pavement. Some people we fed were beaten, raped, all outcasts for one reason or another.

I enjoyed talking to the homeless ladies, but my heart was particularly drawn to one lady about my age, although, she looked much older. Her name was Roberta. She appeared to be hooked on something. She was very thin and sores all over her. I went home and brought her some clean clothes to wear. She was beaten by her husband and taken in by this man …we will call him…Judas. He also has treated her worse than most farm animals and is she is now sleeping along the tracks because it is safer than in the shelter. I asked her what it was like out there at night? She said, sometimes it is very lonely and desperate. She has days she goes without food. She had a jar of peanut butter and bread, but that was stolen. I fumbled for the right words and told her Jesus loved her.

There was another older lady who appeared to be really hungry. She could not get enough food. She even licked the little butter and jelly container. She said, “she didn’t know when she would eat again.” It reminded me of Chere’s post about desperate people. The stench of urine around her was unbearable and many people had to step back to get cleaner air.   Amy and I found some clothes for her to wear and a place for her to change. We took her old clothes to throw them away. Just as I was putting them in the trash maggots fell out of the legs.

I ask myself…How can this be? How can people live out here with nothing and we sit in our cozy homes and do nothing?

All in all, Jake and I really enjoyed spending the day with Amy and Richard….aka Rich..ard. He is very nice. I know some of you have warned me that he might beat Amy, but I don’t see that at all. He appears to be a very Godly man. What do I know?

Jake and I talked about the day when we got home. We made a decision to save money each week to buy food for the people out on the streets. We can’t give them money because they might buy drugs with it. We can show them God’s love by taking food and clothes out to them.

What decisions will you make this week to change how you live so your life will reflect Jesus?

How to win friends and influence people!


I brought Amy a Starbucks this morning . Nothing says I want to be your friend like a decadent Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino! We sat in the break room looking at Cosmopolitan magazines and drinking our coffee. I really like her. She has a quick sense of humor when you get past the shyness. And how can you look at Cosmo and not laugh at some of the articles.

I asked her about Richard (He informed me the other day it was not Rich). I told her I think I offended him by calling him Rich. She looked up with surprise. I said, “what?” I responded back to her “ Will the Rickster be mad? Or should I say rick-a- rin-o. How about Ricky…..Micky Ricky….Ric Star….Ricket Man”….and on and on. Her laughter fueled my creative juices. A good time was had by all.

Walking back to the office I noticed she was limping. I looked down and her ankle was swollen and bruised. She said she dropped something on it moving furniture. “What did an elephant step on it?” She laughed.

I wanted to tell her about what happened to me the other day. About my joy. But is it joy or happiness? How do I explain it? What is joy? How is that different than happiness? I know I can tell my good friend Katie. She knows everything.

Note to self: I need to try to be friends with Richard. He seems like a nice enough guy. Maybe we could go out together as couples. I know I will ask them to church on Sunday.

Are you doing your 7 minutes a day in the bible?  Mary suggested I start with the New Testament.

New Friends!

The new secretary, Amy,  helped me get my mailer out yesterday so I wanted to take her to lunch.  She is sort of a peculiar bird.  She never really makes eye contact.  I know I can come on a little strong, so my astute people skills told me to be gentle (it’s a joke friends, I realize I have no people skills).  She said, “she didn’t have a car”, so offered to drive.  “She didn’t have any money”, I offered to pay.  Finally my winning personality and smile broke her down and off we went to Rosie’s for Mexican. 

 Rosie’s is a little dive by the office that I love to frequent.  The workers at Rosie’s wait for me to come in with baited breath.  I test the interpretation skills of the waitresses with my killer conjugating verb routine.  I always walk away so proud of my lame attempts but, I swear I hear them in the kitchen giggling something in Spanish. 

Back to Amy, we go to lunch.  Turns out she is married.  No kids no pets (no dogs?).  Husband works in the machine shop downtown.  They carpool because they only have one car.  I told her, “I would shoot myself without my own wheels.  I have got to have my freedom”.  I like to sit up high, too.  I like rule over all the other cars.  Drivers be afraid …very afraid!  First and foremost, the car has to have a good turning radius just in case I am driving the wrong way down the aisle in the mall parking lot.  I like to get the good parking spots! 

Now, I’m usually pretty good about getting people to talk but, with her it was like pulling teeth. I earned every calorie I snarffed down. Lunch was over and back to the office. I noticed in the car she has a bruise on the back of her upper arm. Funny place for a bruise I kidded her. She said, she “hit it on a chair”.…huh?…strange. I don’t think she gets out much or has many friends. I am going to connect with her. She would just love this new happiness I found.

Note to self….connect with Amy in attempt to explain to her about my new joy.  She seems so sad inside.  Who else can I tell?  Jake comes home Friday!