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The loss of a friend.

It seems like ages since we last talked. I have tried several times to sit down and write this blog, but have ended up crying each time. We had to put Annie to sleep last week. Some of you have met her. She was a lab and my best friend. I had her before I met Jake.

I took her to the vet on Monday and found out she was full of cancer. I was alone so I took her home. I cried all day waiting for Jake. He took the next day off to work and we took her back to the doctor. I held her while …………. she…..ah…..passed. Still, the thought of what happened brings tears to my eyes. The doctor gave me the choice to either sit with her or they would do it in the back. As hard as it was to hold her in my arms, I wanted to be there for her. She has always been there for me……Always.

A guy at work said, “It’s just a dog why are you crying?” Just a dog!? I never really thought of her a “just a dog”. She was a friend. Someone I told my deepest darkest secrets to and she never spread them to anyone else. She loved doing laundry! In the city, we would do the Laundromat together. There was an ice cream store next to the Laundromat….we would get the single scoop ice cream she in a dish and I in a cone. We would sit on the steps of the Laundromat watching people go by while our clothes washed. We would take off and go for long walks and drives on my day off. She had her pillow on the bed and I had mine. Although, she didn’t like to sleep there…..I think she was too hot but being a polite friend she never complained, just got up after I went to sleep and slept on the floor by me. She fell in love with Jake at first sight. When he came to the door, he immediately let her sniff him and spent more time fussing over her than me! He would always bring her a treat or toy when he came to pick me up….. he realized the way to my heart was through my protector…Annie.

I asked Mary, if there were animals in heaven? She said, “yes the bible tells us, the lion and the lamb lay down together”. I have been talking a lot to God this week, begging Him to take care of her, begging Him to have someone fun for her until I get there. I’ve pleaded with him to let me see her again and to let her know I miss her desperately. She was the best friend a girl could have.

For now, today, this second, I’m trusting Mary that I will get to see her again. I’m trusting God He can take care of her the way she likes……but…. just barely.


Splish splash taking a bath.

Oh, my gosh…I forgot to tell you the other day about our week-end. We had tons of people over from Jake’s work. Jake is a regional manager for a popular hardware chain so he invited people who were without family for the week-end to come over. It was mostly men.

Amy and Richard also came over to help out. I was in charge of grilling the burgers and hot dogs. I lost count after 100! It was good for Jake to get to know some of the team better. Amy and I cooked, cooked, cooked and cooked. I spent the week preparing for Friday. They brought their swim suits or just swam in shorts! Picture this….grow men jumping off the roof into the pool. I am sure the neighbors are still talking about the couple that moved in next door (us)!

I would not have been able to do it all without Amy. I worry about her though. I think she needs to see a doctor for her moods. She seemed really distant this week-end. I don’t think Richard is abusing her. He is such a religious man. I just don’t see that could be. How could someone who prays to God and wears a cross beat a woman? Just doesn’t fit. It must be her. I think I am going to find the time to sit down and talk to her.

Question: Are you still reading the book of John? I am.

New Friends!

The new secretary, Amy,  helped me get my mailer out yesterday so I wanted to take her to lunch.  She is sort of a peculiar bird.  She never really makes eye contact.  I know I can come on a little strong, so my astute people skills told me to be gentle (it’s a joke friends, I realize I have no people skills).  She said, “she didn’t have a car”, so offered to drive.  “She didn’t have any money”, I offered to pay.  Finally my winning personality and smile broke her down and off we went to Rosie’s for Mexican. 

 Rosie’s is a little dive by the office that I love to frequent.  The workers at Rosie’s wait for me to come in with baited breath.  I test the interpretation skills of the waitresses with my killer conjugating verb routine.  I always walk away so proud of my lame attempts but, I swear I hear them in the kitchen giggling something in Spanish. 

Back to Amy, we go to lunch.  Turns out she is married.  No kids no pets (no dogs?).  Husband works in the machine shop downtown.  They carpool because they only have one car.  I told her, “I would shoot myself without my own wheels.  I have got to have my freedom”.  I like to sit up high, too.  I like rule over all the other cars.  Drivers be afraid …very afraid!  First and foremost, the car has to have a good turning radius just in case I am driving the wrong way down the aisle in the mall parking lot.  I like to get the good parking spots! 

Now, I’m usually pretty good about getting people to talk but, with her it was like pulling teeth. I earned every calorie I snarffed down. Lunch was over and back to the office. I noticed in the car she has a bruise on the back of her upper arm. Funny place for a bruise I kidded her. She said, she “hit it on a chair”.…huh?…strange. I don’t think she gets out much or has many friends. I am going to connect with her. She would just love this new happiness I found.

Note to self….connect with Amy in attempt to explain to her about my new joy.  She seems so sad inside.  Who else can I tell?  Jake comes home Friday!