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 I woke up Sunday still buzzing. It was as if the sky was bluer, air fresher, the clouds puffier…..I don’t know how to put it into words. I didn’t even need Starbucks! I was just still on this high from the night before. I never want it to end. I would have jumped up and down on the bed again if I thought it wouldn’t break!

 Jake was still out of town so I went to church alone. Yes, people I even shook hands with the person at the curb. I went in and sat down in our usual spot; back row, left hand side. Funny how we sit in the same spot.   Anyway- This lady came up, asked if I was alone today (today?) and if she could sit with me. Her name was Mary. She is about 70ish, sweet, soft spoken lady. I told her Jake, my husband, was out of town this week-end and I would love the company. We visited for a while before the music started. I connected with her right away. It was as if she had known me my whole life. She has daughters but, they all live in away and would love to visit with me later.

We had coffee together after the service. I told her about my marriage, job, the move, my life in general. She never acted shocked or disapproving. In fact, it was as if she already knew my story. I apprehensively told her what happened Sat. night. I thought for sure she would think I was losing it. I asked her what happened? I told her I cried yet laughed at the same time. She said it was “you experienced God through the Holy Spirit” and that God loves me very much and wants to have a relationship with me. Now, I’m thinking…..With me? He doesn’t even know who I really am? She asked if she could pray with me and if we could have coffee again sometime. I said, “Sure pray for me”……not really comprehending what that entailed. But hey sure why not……peeps … she prayed right there OUT IN THE OPEN!…Yes, you heard correct. I said, right there over coffee. Incredible! It was as if she was talking right to God. Like she had a special phone line or something. I have got to get one of those!

She gave me her phone number in case I had any questions before we meet again. Questions? ! I don’t even know what happened. I just want more of it. I want it every day. It’s not just happiness… It’s happiness on steroids! It’s the energizer bunny of happiness. Maybe it’s joy (Interesting…joy )? Anyway, she suggested I get a bible. A version I could understand and to bring it when we meet again. Here we go with the bible again but, what the heck….why not.

Note to self…ask Mary what cell phone plan she has and how did she get God in her “My Circle”.

Should I tell Jake my story?