Who is Sam?

Who am I?          Here is what I do know! 

My name is Samantha (Sam).  I am married to Jacob.  I call him Jake…or …other things.  I am 33 yrs. old.  I was an advertising exec. until I moved to Az with my husband for his job.  Now I sell Real Estate.   We have 2 dogs (Tiger and Annie) and a cat (spooky).  We have no children.  Our reasoning…people with kids never look like they are enjoying life.  They are guilted into saying they “love the kids” and “can’t image life without them”….really what else can they say?   No, I look at their actions.  Their actions scream miserable. 

There you have it….Who I am.

(This blog is a work of fiction reflecting the spiritual challenges a believing woman might face in todays world.)

2 responses to “Who is Sam?

  1. hey girl. Nice blog….. keep it up and I will keep reading. XOX

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